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Report an issue or make an enquiry
Apply for a parking infringement review; submit a Business Concierge enquiry; or report issues including graffiti, missing or damaged bins, food complaints, and other issues on Frankston City streets.
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Make a payment
Use Visa or MasterCard to securely pay online for Rates, Infringement Notices, Pet Registration Renewal, Hall Hire, Applications, Permit Renewal, and other Council invoices.
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Register your pet
Register your new dog or cat. To pay for a pet registration renewal go to Payments.
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Register or apply for:
  • Pool or spa registrations
  • Foreshore parking permits
  • Excess animal permits
  • Permits to burn
  • Open for inspection signage permits
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Apply for:
  • Road, footpath and drainage permits
  • Planning permits
  • Copies of planning permits and advice
  • Paid hard waste collections
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Enquire about a property or planning application
Search for information about currently advertised planning permit applications, or enquire about a property.
View currently advertised planning applications – MyAddress
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Request a Property Certificate
Create an account or sign in to request a Land or Property Information Certificate.