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The following types of payment are available online. Please select the type of payment that you wish to make. You can add multiple payments if required by repeating this process prior to submitting your payment for processing.

Please note, we accept Visa and Mastercard only for online payment.
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Dog Registrations 
Cat Registrations 
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Application Fees 
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Hall Hire Payment 
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Parking Infringements 
Animals Infringements 
Building Infringements 
Environmental Health Infringements 
Infrastructure Infringements 
Local Laws Infringements 
Miscellaneous Infringements 
Planning Infringements 
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Permit Fees and Business Registration RenewalsIncludes the following permit renewal payments:
Food and Health Business
Local Laws Permits
Septic Tanks
Foreshore Permits
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Rates Notice PaymentPlease ensure you enter the reference/assessment number listed on the front of your notice – not the reference/assessment number listed on the back of your notice.
 Payment TypeDescription/Instructions
Other Council InvoicesPay your Council invoices, including Aged Care, Meals on Wheels, Recreation & Sporting Clubs, etc.